Space Station brightens kids’ day at Montana school

Youngsters at Sacajawea Middle School in Bozeman, Montana, conversed via ham radio on January 8 with International Space Station resident Don Pettit, KD5MDT. The contact between NA1SS and the school club station’s K7BZN was the first Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) QSO this year with a US school.
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Arianespace mission briefing: Flight 159

The Intelsat 907 satellite for Arianespace Flight 159 is undergoing its initial pre-launch preparations arriving in French Guiana on January 16.

Flight 159 will be the final mission of an Ariane 4, and liftoff is scheduled for the early morning hours of February 12.

For additional information, see the Mission Log on the Arianespace Website

Two Canadian Science Projects Onboard Space Shuttle Columbia

Launched January 16, 2003 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) will spend 16 days in orbit to allow astronauts to perform some 100 science experiments in microgravity on behalf of researchers from around the world. Canadian scientists are flying two research projects involving several experiments onboard Columbia. These experiments could ultimately have applications in the health sector.
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“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehowIt’s clouds’ illusions I recall. I really don’t know clouds at all…

So laments Joni Mitchell’s classic song, “Both Sides Now,” appropriate words as NASA prepares for a mission that should remove much of the mystery from those “rows and flows of angel hair” that so affect Earth’s weather and climate, yet are so misunderstood.
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ESA payloads feature on Space Shuttle research mission

European scientists will be ‘turning off’ the effects of gravity during the STS-107 Space Shuttle research mission this month in order to gain a better understanding of processes in medicine, technology and science. Their investigations will be among some 80 experiments performed during a 16-day mission in Earth orbit to be launched from Kennedy Space Center.
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Rosetta launch postponed

Arianespace and the European Space Agency have decided to postpone the upcoming Rosetta launch.

The Rosetta spacecraft was developed to intercept and study Comet Wirtanen.

Arianespace and the European Space Agency, together with all interested parties, will work on determining arrangements for the soonest possible launch of Rosetta


NASA and South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) are joining forces to video-stream three educational TV series to classrooms in South Carolina and across the country.

Developed by NASA’s Langley Office of Education, the shows, “NASA Science Files,” and “NASA CONNECT,” enhance and enrich the learning of mathematics, science, and technology for students from grades three through 12. Approximately 18,000 South Carolina educators, representing about one-half million students, are registered users of the programs.
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