Arianespace Provides Mission Assurance to DIRECTV

Arianespace has secured a first quarter 2004 launch slot with Sea Launch for the DIRECTV 7S satellite — a result of the cooperative agreement with Boeing Launch Services and Sea Launch Company, LLC, under the newly formed launch services alliance.

The DIRECTV 7S satellite is a high priority launch for DIRECTV as the spot-beam spacecraft is slated to serve 60 local television markets across the United States.

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NASA is exploring the potential use of uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAV) that look like large radio controlled airplanes to conduct scientific studies of the Earth.

Long endurance UAVs have the potential to fill the gap between satellites and surface networks in the integrated global observing system. That gap is filled by the use of traditional aircraft and limited by the endurance of the onboard pilot. UAVs give researchers a persistent but deployable observing presence, capable of focusing on Earth phenomena that require in-depth, in-situ measurements. UAV data are used in conjunction with the larger global datasets obtained from satellites.
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i-WEAR Fashion Show in Paris

The “i-WEAR“ Fashion Show will present the latest developments in intelligent clothing to European consumers in three major cities: Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. The project takes place in the framework of the European Science and Technology Week, part of the European Union’s research programme to inform the public about the latest science and technology developments and trends. The event in Paris takes place on 5 November at 18:00 at Atelier Richelieu 60, rue de Richelieu (Palais de Richelieu).
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Four Decades of Space Science Excellence

Saint-Hubert, Quebec, October 31, 2003 – In recognition of his exceptional contribution to the Canadian Space Program, Gordon G. Shepherd was bestowed the prestigious John H. Chapman Award of Excellence by Marc Garneau, President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Dr. Shepherd’s pioneering work and leadership was praised before representatives of industry, university and government as part of a celebration held at the CSA.
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