Launch day 3 report #2

The experts are telling us that the chances of launch are now at 80%, which is the highest its been since the launch process started last week.

We have just come back from greeting the Astronaut fan on its way to the launch pad. I will post some pictures tonight.

We are here in the conference room to get out of the Florida heat.

You can send questions to and we will answer what we can.

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Launch day 3 report #1

Here we are again.

Editor Arthur J. Byrnes, on site at Kennedy Space Center

Everything is go for launch.

If the weather holds we should see Space Shuttle Discovery launch at 2:38pm edt
its now 10:38 am.

More to come!

Launch day 2 report #1

Hello, this is Editor Arthur J. Byrnes, we are here again at Kennedy Space Center watching the prepreations for launch of Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-121

Hardware wise, everything is go, but the weather still looks poor, and the folks here are not as optimistic as they were yesterday. The general mood here is that this will be another good practice run for the Close Out Crew.

Currently, it is about 12:18 pm Eastern Daylight Time (local time) and the Shuttle crew is boarding the shuttle.

Email any shuttle questions to and we will answer what we can.

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Launch email question

An email question says, “I am watching launch coverage on TV, and the sky looks blue and just a little overcast. Why is the launch no go?”

A few miles from the launch are thunderstorms which would interfer not with the launch, but with a launch abort situation called RTLS”

RTLS is Return To Landing Site, meaning that should the shuttle have a launch problem that requires the orbiter to seperate from the External tank early, the clouds would cause problems with the landing.

Please send your launch day email question to me at

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launch day report 4

Well, they are a little worried about the weather at the moment, there is lightining about 25 miles away, and the concern is that things may get worse.

But folks here are still optimistic.

I just got back to the inside of the press center after going out to do the traditional wave to the astronaut van.

The astronauts are getting seated in the shuttle and except for weather things are going well.

The Vice President is due to arrive soon for the launch.

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