As NASA’s Educator Astronaut Program (EAP) approaches the April 30, 2003, application deadline, representatives are available to assist applicants with queries about the status of application materials and the EAP selection process.

Applicants may call toll free, 1-877/332-7876, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EDT for assistance. If an EAP representative is not available, applicants may leave a message and the call will be returned. Questions may also be submitted by email to:

To check the status of applications on the Internet, visit:

Click on “Applicant Services” and then “Profile Page.” Applicants should log in using their user ID and password. If an applicant does not have a user ID or password, click the appropriate link to obtain information, or call the toll free number for assistance.

NASA has received more than 1100 EAP applications. The EAP is an out-of-this-world opportunity for teachers to become permanent members of the NASA Astronaut Corps.

Educators with science, technology, engineering or mathematics backgrounds still have the chance to join NASA’s first Educator Astronaut class. Educator Astronauts will serve as Mission Specialists, trained to perform spacewalks, operate the Space Shuttle’s robotic arm, and lead research experiments. Educator Astronauts will also share their extraordinary experience with millions of students and teachers.

To apply for the program or to nominate a teacher on the Internet, visit: